Saturday, January 05, 2008

No more diapers at nap time

Prior to today, the only time Astrid wore a diaper was when sleeping (at nap time and at night). She's been diaper free during her waking hours for sometime now, but I've been using the remaining pull up diapers for her naps. Today we ran out of those diapers and Astrid took a nap without wearing a diaper for the first time.

Before she goes down for a nap she goes to the bathroom so there's less risk of accidents, and her diaper is always dry after her nap anyways. So it was time. Plus now that her naps are getting shorter (from 3 hours to now 1-2 hours) it's not a big issue to hold it for that long. And today was no different - no accidents.

I wonder when the nighttime diapers will go away altogether.

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