Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Birds and the Bees

A conversation the little one and I had today:

Me: "You don't need to wear diapers anymore at nap time, only when you go to sleep at night, because you're a big girl now."

Astrid: "I no big girl. I just girl."

Me: (laughing) "Yeah I know you're just a girl. Mommy's just a girl too."

Astrid: "Mommy no girl. Mommy woman."

Me: (shocked that she knows the difference) "That's right Mommy's a woman."

Astrid: "Papa man?"

Me: "Yep, Papa's a man."

Astrid: "No, Papa no man. He just Papa."

Me: (laughing) "Yes, Papa is Papa and he is a man."

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Trailhead said...

The Kid used to call the laptop "The McPooter." Pooter, Peter, it's all funny.