Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big kids gymnastics class

Astrid has been in the gymnastics program at the YMCA since she was 10 months old. First she was in the mommy & me class, and then the Kindertot class, and now today she tried the Kindergym class (which is for ages 3-5) for the first time. Even though she isn't 3 yet, she's bored to tears (literally) with the class she was currently in. She would lie on the floor when we did exercises and whine and look away, and just did not want to do the same activities any longer. She was more interested in playing with the older kids once her class was over. Plus she was much more advanced than the toddlers in her class, and due to her size (she towers over the other kids in toddler class) the director of the program kept asking me how old Astrid was to see if she was ready to move from the toddler class to the move advanced class - and I decided it was time to try it out. I would rather her be challenged in the older, more advanced class, than stay bored in the class she was in.

She's also friends with 3 of the kids in the Kindergym class, which helps. It makes it much more fun for her. So even though the kids in this class are between 4-5, and more developed, (Astrid's the youngest one in the class now at 2.5), she feels comfortable and excited and tries to do everything the older kids are doing.Coach Carol has Astrid watch what her classmates are doing first.Look mom - I'm with the big kids now!This move she tried so hard to do, but her head should be off the ground. (It's something we've since practiced at home so that her arms stay straight and she doesn't let her head touch the ground.) For her first time though, it was a good effort. They play this game where the kids all put their feet up on the wall and make an arch, and let one kid at a time crawl through. Here it was Astrid's turn, and she was quick. It helps the kids build up strength in their arms, as they need to hold this pose for good periods of time.Coach Carol tells Astrid she did a good job. I like Coach Carol - she's tough and doesn't treat the kids like babies. She knows what they're capable of doing at their age and really pushes them, but also acknowledges when they do something right, and/or they're improving.Astrid sitting next to Henry on the balance beam and waiting her turn.This class differs from the toddler class in that the kids really have to listen and pay attention to their coach. Doing flips in the donut.And back up she goes.

Although Astrid had no clue what was going on at first, she tried to copy the other kids and went with the flow. It was so cute to see. And her forward flips were even better than some of the other kids.

There were things that Astrid can't do yet at her age, like hop on one foot, and some of the skills that require more upper body strength, but she made an effort to try everything and would do her own modified version if necessary.

After class, Coach Carol said that Astrid did exceptionally well today. She said, "For a 2 year old it's amazing. I've had 3 1/2 year olds in my class that didn't listen as well as Astrid. You should feel very proud."

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Yay Astrid and Yay YMCA!