Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas vacation is over

After spending 11 days at home with the family, U. returns to work tomorrow. It was great having him home with us. But it's bittersweet for him. He loved spending time at home with the baby and getting to know his daughter better.

On their cherished daily naps together

U.: "What's Astrid going to do without me? She's gotten so used to napping with me."

after some thought...

U.: "It'll probably be a bigger adjustment for me. I'll miss our naps together more than she will."

Gushing like Mr. Mom
After about a week I noticed that U. would gush about Astrid constantly. I told him he was acting like a doting housewife who just wants to talk about the baby. It was nice to see that. Astrid is lucky she has such a loving, devoted father. (It goes without saying that I'm lucky as well!)

U.: "You're just so cute...I could eat you up. You're the cutest little girl in the world. Did you know that my angel?"

Astrid: "No angel. I Astrid."

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