Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Drawing on her face with an ink pen

As I was getting ready in the bathroom, Astrid got a hold of an ink pen and went to town.When I walked back into the room, this is what I saw.

I thought I'd have a tough time getting it off (since it was a plain ole pen and not a Crayola washable). I was prepared to start scrubbing away, but luckily it came right off with a soapy wash towel. The ink was everywhere, including her eyelid, on her scalp, and the majority of it being on her forehead. Good grief. But amazingly even though she has tried to take the pen apart, it was still intact and there wasn't any ink spilt.

After I got her all cleaned up, we went to meet a friend and her baby for a play date. Even then I noticed I missed a small blue line on her nose, when I had thought I had gotten it all off.

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