Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Morning (cooking)

Our Thanksgiving family tradition (carried over from my parents), is that my husband cooks the turkey and I do all the side dishes.
As every parent knows - when you have a kid you multitask. In order to let U. watch the football game (with relatively few distractions), I laid some newspaper down upstairs and had Astrid help me peel veggies. I'd peel and then she'd put the peeled carrots and potatoes into a plastic bag for me.

Oh and you should have seen her carrying the bag of potatoes upstairs. She kept saying, "Oh heavy!" but she wouldn't put them down. She was determined to carry them upstairs. She's so strong! It kept her busy and she liked helping me. Instead of me being in the kitchen while U. babysat upstairs, we were able to spend some time together while I still got some cooking prep done. Plus U. was also able to enjoy the game.
Astrid coloring in front of our turkey.
U.'s mother laughed so hard when he told her we had a 24 pound turkey. She's German and doesn't understand the American Thanksgiving day tradition of leftovers. So I took this photo which U. is going to e-mail to her, to show her our big bird.Astrid helping me make the stuffing. I let her pour ingredients into the big mixing bowl.
Growing up I used to help my dad make the stuffing, and loved it (especially since I got to eat it before he cooked it). So it's only fitting that my daughter enjoys making it with me and sampling it as well.
"More stuffing Mama!" is the request I kept hearing over and over.
Astrid also put the pecans on top of my sweet potato casserole.
Big smile. She loves helping me in the kitchen.
Once the turkey goes in the oven it's time for a nap.

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