Sunday, November 11, 2007

Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum

Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum is located next door to the Travel Town Railroad Museum in Griffith Park. Here's Astrid standing at the entrance.

If you've ever been on the miniature train ride at Travel Town and wondered what the other set of railroad tracks on the other side were for - wonder no more - it's another railroad museum - Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum.It's run by volunteers (R&R lovers). Although they don't require any admission fees, they do ask for cash donations. You choose the amount you'd like to donate.Kids have to be at least 42 inches tall and reach the lantern in order to ride the miniature train ride."Yay, I can ride the train Mommy!"

Astrid's wearing her purple choo choo train necklace.Astrid and I sitting on the train and waiting for the ride to start.

Be forewarned about the elderly volunteers who run this railroad museum and ride. They're not very kid friendly and they're strict about what you can and cannot do. Even just taking this photo, I was asked to put my camera away, because once the ride started it would be too dangerous to do 2 things at once (even if the other thing was just sitting - sheesh!). So be prepared for hearing or getting a lecture yourself for really mundane things.It was pretty chilly this morning, and with the wind from the ride...*brrr* it was cold. I zipped Astrid's jacket up to keep her neck warm, and wrapped myself around her (since she was sitting in front of me) to keep her warm.

The ride itself was a lot of fun. It doesn't go in a boring circle like the one in Travel Town, and it's much longer (than even the train ride by the pony rides) with bridges, tunnels, and lots of stuff to look at. Including the scary Halloween decorations that they still had up. But since it's not enclosed (you sit on top with your feet tucked in beside you), you really feel every bump and it feels like it's going fast. By the end of the ride it feels good to get up and stretch your legs.

When I heard the announcement that lunch was ready and the cafeteria was open, I got excited, so I asked about it, and was told the cafeteria is only open to the railroad employees (bummer!).

When we were there, they didn't allow visitors to walk the inner grounds, so once the ride was over, you immediately had to exit, so that the next round of visitors could ride the train. Astrid enjoyed running around on the grass after the ride was over. Holding a piece of bark that was lying on the ground.

I'd go back again so that U. can experience the ride with us. But I would make sure that Astrid goes to the bathroom beforehand, because they only have 2 port-o-potties that are pretty gross (for emergencies only!). And next time I'll bring some lunch so we can eat in the grassy park next door. There's also a hiking trail next to the museum that I'd like to check out next time.

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