Thursday, November 29, 2007

Astrid plays with her old friend Gabriela in gymnastics class

Gabriela is a friend of Astrid's from the old gymnastics class. She stopped going to gymnastics months ago and we haven't seen her since, until today when she reappeared in class. Both girls were happy to see each other and play together.Here they're sharing and putting the clown face puzzle pieces together.Gabriela would hand the pieces to Astrid, and Astrid would put them together on the stand.Teamwork!Gabriela didn't mind sharing with Astrid, but she did not want to share with the older girl Lindsay. Lindsay kept asking for cones but Gabriela kept hoarding them to herself. So I asked Astrid to share her cones with Lindsay. What did Astrid do? She took a handful of cones from Gabriela's stack and handed them to Lindsay. All 3 girls were happy. My daughter the peace keeper.

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