Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Astrid's 1st Flu Shot

Astrid had her first flu shot today.

Last year U. and I decided to forgo giving Astrid a flu shot because we were worried about her being so young, but this year they are recommending flu shots for children 2 years and up, and we decided it's better to get the shot than worry about her coming down with the flu that could be deadly.

Astrid did really well. She cried of course, but after the Band-Aid was put on her arm, she pretty much stopped. It helped that I was able to explain to her what was going on and why we were doing it - and she's old enough to understand now.

Afterwards she said, "I get shot so no get sick."

I called U. up to let him know how it went and Astrid told him over the phone, "Papa I have sticker." She did get a sticker on the way out, but she was referring to her Band-Aid .

She also said, "I cry a little bit. Sorry." I responded, "It's okay. Everybody cries a little bit sometimes. You did really well. Mommy's proud of you."

We have to go back in a month for another shot. Kids under 9 years of age get a 1/2 dose the first time and have the next 1/2 dose a month later.

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