Friday, November 09, 2007

The Muffin man

We sing a number of songs in Astrid's Kinder gymnastics class. One of them is "The Muffin Man". So today when Astrid asked me to sing to her in the car, that particular song came to mind. When we got home Astrid requested music and went right over to our stereo system. I played a kid's CD for her, but she kept asking for "The Muffin Man."

I didn't even know that song was on the CD. I was trying to explain to Astrid that we didn't have that song and she got quite fussy. But at song 4 - surprise surprise (for me at least) the muffin man song came on. Astrid turned to me and said, "See mom! Muffin Man!"

That called for a mother/daughter dance around the living room.

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