Thursday, November 15, 2007

Astrid go to sleep!

Here is a description of my ordeal getting Astrid to take her nap today:

As I was getting Astrid ready for her nap we were interrupted by a phone call from my mom. While I was on the phone Astrid refused to put on her diaper or pajamas, and she got all excited that her Grandma was on the phone. In between shouting "Grandma!" and "Grandma & Grandpa's house!" she took off her dolls pajamas, wiped it down with tons of baby wipes and put a diaper on it. Then she wanted powder (or I should say "got the powder") which was when I had to end the phone call. For obvious reasons.

So when I finally did get her changed and ready for bed, she said she had to use the bathroom. I knew she didn't have to go because she went right before we got home, but I took off her diaper and pajama bottoms and let her use the toilet just in case she needed to go again. Just as I thought, nada. A stall tactic.

She was crazy tired too (from gymnastics class, and a morning bath with mommy). But she still used every toddler tactic in her arsenal to keep from taking a nap. The usual- read me another book, sing me Row Row again, I have to go poo poo, pee pee. And then the all out "No! Don't go Mommy!" which is always good for a few more minutes.

She had everything she needed to sleep - her sleep sheep was playing the sound of rain, she had her blanket, both her dolls, the one doll had her attached blanket and pacifier. The only doll accessory that was missing was the cat. Instead of a stuffed animal bear, the doll came with a miniature stuffed animal cat. But normally she doesn't ask for the cat, and she can sleep without it. (And we broke the habit of having a doll bottle in the bed with her too.) So it was time to make an exit so she could go to sleep.

About 10 minutes later Astrid starts shouting, "Mommy! Mommy!" I was so fed up at this point, having run out of my last ounce of patience that when she continued calling for me, I opened her bedroom door and said in a stern voice, "Astrid go to sleep!"

Astrid started crying and said, "Kitty cat, mommy. I found it." I looked down and saw she was holding it in her hands.

I felt like such a jerk. She was shouting for me to tell me and show me that she found the cat. It either fell down on the side of her crib mattress, or it was buried beneath some of her stuffed animal toys in her crib.

I wanted to post about this because as a parent you try to be the most understanding, patient, loving person to your child. I strive to do the best I can. But sometimes like today, I have to admit that I'm human too.

Everyone tells you what a big learning experience parenting is and how your life will never be the same, but you really can't appreciate just how much you learn and grow (and evolve) until you raise your own child. As much as I sometimes wish for peace and quiet during these toddler times, I'm also grateful for all the love, learning, and enrichment that I've been blessed with as a parent.

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