Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things she says at 2 1/2 years old

kay-cakes (pancakes - U. makes homemade German pancakes with jam which Astrid loves.)

I wake up already. (It's funny when she she says it hours after she's woken up; as if it took her that long to fully wake up. Not so funny when she says it to mean she doesn't want to go to sleep.)

Astrid's house. (I remind her that it's "our" house, to which she responds - "Our house? Mama, Papa, Astrid?" But then minutes later she's back to announcing that it's "Astrid's house.")

Neighbors sleeping? In crib? (One night I was explaining to her that it was dark outside which meant it was sleep time, and she asked me if the neighbors were sleeping too. Our next door neighbor is 95 years old, so it's not a stretch to think that she's probably in bed by 7:30 or 8:00 every night. So I said, "Yes, the neighbors are sleeping." Then Astrid asked me if they were sleeping in their crib. I had to chuckle picturing our adult neighbors curled up in the fetal position in cribs like the Cheech & Chong movie. But I knew what she meant so I said, "Yes, they're sleeping in their beds.")

Mama's gym clothes (She likes to point out when I'm wearing my workout outfit.)

This one okay. (We allow Astrid to watch Sesame Street in the morning, but occasionally it'll be too early for Sesame Street, or on the weekends it's in Spanish and we have to search around for another kid appropriate show. She'll let us know when there's one she wants to watch by announcing "This one okay!" Rude awakening when we say "No, this one's not okay".)

Mama tired? Astrid tired too! (Usually followed by a yawn. It does no good to say it, but I say it anyway - "You should sleep longer and then you wouldn't be tired.")

So cute. (She uses it to describe baby animals, dolls, and babies in general. Today she kissed a baby boy's foot and said "So cute!")

Too spicy (Either posed as a question before she tries something new, or a statement in which case she'll spit it out and refuse to eat it. Tonight however she had curry for the first time, which I diluted to make it less spicy for her. After tasting it she announced "Not too spicy. Yummy.")

I close my eyes little bit. (Sometimes said when we're driving back from my parents' place and she wants me to know that she's going to close her eyes and get a cat nap in.)

I wanna see Mama. (After she wakes up in the morning, she comes to my room and watches Sesame Street while lying with me in bed. That way I can get a few winks in. She doesn't mind me closing my eyes, but she wants me facing her so she can see my face. If I get uncomfortable lying on my right side for too long and turn over she'll tap me on my back and say "I wanna see Mama!" so that I'll turn back around. Although the other day after lying with my back towards her for awhile, I turned back over thinking that she'd want to see my face and she said, "It's okay mom. Turn over and close eyes. Go sleep.")

Where Astrid glasses? (Astrid sees me wearing glasses and wants to know where hers are. I remind her that she has sunglasses, but she knows they're not the same as the ones I wear inside the house. When I get out of bed in the morning the first thing I do is reach for my glasses on my nightstand - but being fascinated with my glasses - she'll run over and get them for me - and she's always trying to snake them off the bathroom counter to play with. I have to make sure they're always out of reach. I don't understand the fascination with them, and also with my contact lens case, but I just hope she never has to wear glasses.)

Honey! (When calling for U. Obviously it's because she's heard me calling U. honey, but it's still hilarious.)

I'm okay now. (Said after any fall. I love this about her - that she'll pick herself up, dust herself off, and move on. Sometimes I still have to make sure she's really okay because she's so quick to announce that she's okay. Also said after she's been cleaned up, after a scare, and when she has everything she needs.)

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