Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wagon Ride at Griffith Park

Today I took Astrid to the pony rides in Griffith Park. I thought she'd enjoy the pony carousel, but boy did it smell bad over there. We stood there for all of 5 minutes waiting for her turn, until we turned back and chose to go on the wagon ride instead.The wagon ride is pulled by 2 donkeys, and it circles around the pony rides twice. (It's also the same price as the pony ride.)There was another family with a toddler who rode the wagon with us, which was nice. They said it was their first time in Griffith Park and asked me if there was anything else to do with a kid. I thought they were from out of town (or state), so I asked them where they lived and they said Miracle Mile (also in Los Angeles). We had a good laugh about that. How can you live in LA and never have visited Griffith Park before?

Since having Astrid it seems we're there all the time (for the park, playground, hiking, Travel Town Railroad Museum, pony rides, carousel, the zoo, and the festival of lights at Christmas time). I can't wait to take her to the Gene Autry Western Museum and get a photo of her sitting on top of a stuffed buffalo.

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