Saturday, August 11, 2007

Push it, push it real good

We purchased this doll umbrella stroller for Astrid today. It's made by Graco, the same company that makes the real baby strollers (and other baby merchandise).
As Astrid says, "Push it."

U. and I were talking the other day about how Astrid prefers playing with her dolls. We bought her blocks long before we bought her a doll, but she didn't care for the blocks. But with her dolls she sings to them, reads to them, and now pushes them around in her toy stroller.

Now Astrid doesn't have to kidnap babies in order to push a stroller. I can't count the number of times Astrid has seen a baby in a stroller, and wanted to push their stroller.

Once she saw a baby sitting in a stroller in a store (I guess the mom had left the baby with his older brother) and Astrid was adamant about pushing his stroller. It was really sweet to see that she tried to care for the baby by giving him his bottle and asking about his other shoe (that had fallen off), but she was back there trying to push his stroller again. I wouldn't let her actually push it, so she just held onto the handles in the "push" position.

Now she has her own that she can push around to her heart's delight.

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