Sunday, August 26, 2007

Celebrating Godmother Jill's 40th Birthday

A happy happy birthday to Jill (Astrid's Godmother), who celebrated her 40th birthday today with friends and family, and a good ole summer bbq. A milestone birthday for a girl who's still young at heart.

Astrid was so looking forward to going over to "Jill's House" as she calls it (sorry Bill), and was like a little puppy dog following Jill around.

It was sweet to hear Astrid tell Jill, "Happy Birthday Jill" and to see Jill introduce Astrid to everyone, "This is my Goddaughter."

I just posted the pics that Jill sent me of the weekend she watched Astrid (when U and I were in Santa Barbara) here and here.There were 2 kiddie pools to keep the kids entertained. The 2 kids pictured here warned us not to swim in the other pool because Jill's 2 dogs where in there earlier. So they used it later in a game of tossing lemons.U. and I watched as these 2 kids tossed an orange/lemon back and forth and taunted Astrid who wanted to hold it. I waited to see if they would share, and when they didn't, I had enough and picked an orange/lemon off the tree just for Astrid. A new hairstyle with 3 rubber bands.Astrid playing and oblivious to the the 2 kids fighting over their toy.She loves the water and always wants to go swimming."Swimming Jill's house" Astrid says.The look on Astrid's face says it all. "I want to play with you, but I don't quite trust you.

It's interesting to see the interaction between older kids and Astrid. Some older kids have been very sweet to her, acting like a big sister/brother, and others like these two didn't want to have anything to do with her. And Astrid picks up on things so quickly, and tries to copy the older kids. Makes you realize that you really have to stay close by and watch her when she's around other kids (especially older kids) to make sure they're treating her nicely and that she's not copying bad behavior as well.Astrid swimming as the older kids frolic and let the water out of the pool.This pool has a built in seat ledge and Astrid loved to jump off it, copying the older girl.Astrid sitting on mommy's lap (my lap), next to Papa, eating.Astrid loved standing here and watching the baby being fed. The baby in turn didn't fuss because he liked watching Astrid. Kids.

The baby's dad told us that when a kid is 2 & 1/2 years old, they're half the height they will grow up to be and that his dad measured him at 2.5 years and proved that it was true. We measured Astrid with a tape measuring, and if it is accurate, Astrid will be approx. 5'11" and she's still got 2 more months to go before she's 2.5 years old.

Baby's Dad: "She'll be the perfect model height then."

U.: "I don't want her to be a model. Okay maybe the first Nobel Prize/model."

U. bought her this adorable purple dress (with a monkey on it) at the Silverlake farmer's market.Our little fish having a blast in the pool. She cried when we left and didn't want to leave Jill's house, but when we got home she was beat and fell asleep shortly afterwards.

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