Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eagle Rock Concerts in the Park

During the summer, Eagle Rock puts on concerts in the park on Sundays. Every year at this time we see the banners on Eagle Rock Blvd. announcing the event. This year was our first time attending.

The event is held in Eagle Rock Park, (Astrid calls it "No Shoes" park because we let her run around barefoot on the grass) which is a bit of a trek from Eagle Rock Blvd., but it has a large grassy area in front of the stage with lots of shade. Perfect for a summer picnic!

We brought our hand-made Fijian mat to sit on, and wine, cheeses, home-made guacamole, and goodies from Trader Joe's to munch on.The opening acts were performed by children. Above - Hawaiian dancing.Kids performing with these balls attached to a rope.They also had a food court and a bouncy house behind it for kids.She loves to watch what's going on.
(These jean shorts are great - you don't have to worry about stains!)
The venue was perfect for letting Astrid run around. We could keep an eye on her and there were families there with kids as well. So U. and I could enjoy our food and wine while the little one had fun.
Eating a cracker.
There was a little boy, Jacob, who befriended Astrid. I posted some pics of him with Astrid below. U. and I watched as the little boy offered Astrid some Cheetos (those cheese puff snacks) and were happy to see Astrid shake her head "no" and not take it. Her dad and I are both afraid that when she goes to school she'll be influenced by other kids into wanting to eat junk food. But there is hope yet! Later Astrid offered the little boy a whole wheat, low sodium cracker, but he refused as well.
Astrid and I went down to the front of the stage to watch the jazz band play up close.
She was fascinated. She has a toy horn that she plays with and so when she saw this band she immediately pointed and said to me "horn!". Also, on a side note, the other day we were riding in the car when Astrid kept repeating "horn! horn!", and it took me awhile to realize that the music we were listening to on the radio had a horn in the background that she was referring to. That took me aback because it was the first time she identified a musical instrument in music all by herself (we hadn't listened to that song before). Here's Jacob, a 3 year old boy, and Astrid (newly friends) dancing to the music. Their antics had us parents smiling and laughing. Too cute. Even though he's a year older than Astrid, they both had a great time playing together.
Jacob dancing to the "Tequila" song while Astrid smiles and eats her cracker.
Little cutie.So much fun!
Jacob took Astrid's hand and started walking away, and then asked if he could take her to the playground (located behind the stage). From that point on his parents referred to Astrid as Jacob's "girlfriend". His dad was telling us about how last Sunday Jacob had another girlfriend. Quite the Casanova at 3.
Running to the playground. I'm chasing after them with Astrid's shoes. The playground in the back has slides and swings in sand. With sand her Crocs come in handy. Those shoes were a great buy.
We'll be back next Sunday for the final event that will wrap up the Eagle Rock Concerts in the Park series. Next week Cajun music.

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