Thursday, August 30, 2007

Astrid's Hair Salon

This is something new that Astrid does now. She doesn't care about her bath toys anymore, but she's all about playing with our hair. The moment she gets into the bathtub she wants to stand behind us to comb our hair over and over again.

She uses my large comb, applying shampoo or conditioner. She's gentle so we let her and she also uses her hands, running her fingers through our hair. She loves doing it so much that she can stand there for 20-30 minutes at a time and never gets bored with it. (U. thinks he can read the newspaper while she's doing it - but hasn't tried it yet.) I have to tell her to sit down in the water (to get warm) and relax for awhile.

From sitting in the water so long we get all shriveled up, but she doesn't want to stop. In fact sometimes it's a struggle to take the comb away from her afterwards. But since she loves it so much, both U. and I will sit with her as long as our shriveled hands and feet can stand it, so the baby can continue her fun.

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