Sunday, August 12, 2007

Astrid's 1st joke

It's all about possessive case now. It's no longer just a shoe, or a shirt, or a spoon; now it's: "Mama's shoe","Papa's shirt", and "Astrid's spoon".

Today I was getting ready to change Astrid into a new pull-up diaper and the following joke ensued:

Astrid: "Mama's diaper?"

Me (Mama): "Mama's diaper? Do you see Mama wearing a diaper?"

*Peels of laughter*

Astrid: "Papa's diaper?"

Me (Mama): "Papa's diaper? You're so silly!"


Astrid: "Grandma's diaper?"

*Even more laughter*

Ah - toddler humor. She knows she's being funny and she loves making me laugh.

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