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Monday, December 03, 2007

Toddler Arts & Crafts

This year's Christmas shopping with the little one in tow has resulted in some extra presents for Astrid. She sees me buying her Christmas presents, so I get her a small gift to play with while I hide her gift(s) away (and hope that she forgets about it) until Christmas.I got her this lacing cards arts & crafts set. Here she's lacing a shoe string around a wooden turtle piece. Concentration.

It's good for her fine motor skills development.It's still a bit difficult for her. She can put the lace through, but doesn't understand following the holes around in order, and when it get tangled she gets quite frustrated. I think in another few months though with more practice she'll get better at it. For now I'm there to tell her "okay put it through this hole...good....pull...okay now put it through this hole" - you get the picture.

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