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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mama I scared Santa Claus

There was a Santa Claus at the Montrose farmer's market handing out candy canes to the kids. When Astrid saw him she was terrified. She clutched onto me burying her face into my arm so she wouldn't have to see him. Then she pleaded with me to leave. "Let's go mama!" she kept saying as she tugged on my sleeve.

No amount of rational explanation about Santa Claus and how he wasn't going to hurt her helped.

When he was gone Astrid still looked around in fear that he would come back.

It's gonna be tough to get her to sit on Santa's lap for photo this year. Her fear is similar to that of clowns. It must be the costume.

Afterwards on the drive home Astrid kept saying:
  • "Santa Claus scare me."
  • "Santa Claus hurt you?"
  • "Santa Claus nice Mama?"
The only thing that brought a smile to her face after that traumatic experience was imitating Santa's "Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas!" She'd laugh at that, but she's scared to death of Santa Claus.

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