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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Grand Central Market

I've been to Grand Central Market a few times and although I've never had a pleasant experience there, for some reason I keep getting lured back.

The downside
  • It really smells (really bad) there

  • It's not the cleanest of places

  • Lots of down and out people

  • It's tough to find any food that looks good and is healthy there.
The upside
  • It feels like an old school downtown marketplace (feels historical)

  • It's in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles

  • You always see lots of colorful people there

Why I went

  • I thought it would be something fun for Astrid to experience

  • I always hope there will be something new to see and experience

  • I always hope it will be cleaner, smell better, and have better food (which it never does)

Yep, the tree is crooked.Being playful.
Waiting patiently for our food.
I love this expression of hers.
We decided on a rotisserie chicken from the Greek restaurant.

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