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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve - stroll down Olvera Street

After eating lunch at Philippe's, we decided to go for a walk down Olvera Street. The sound of drums lead us to this Native American Indian dance performance.Fight or flight syndrome in full effect.Standing with Papa and watching the family perform their traditional dance. On our way out we took a few photo in front of this huge Olvera Street Christmas tree. Astrid wouldn't smile because she was terrified of the Santa she spotted a moment before.

The Olvera Street Santa poses with your kid and a life sized stuffed animal donkey. (No taxidermy involved - just a plush toy animal.) Unique! Astrid's starting to believe us that we're not going to make her sit on Santa's lap.

U. pointed out, "When Astrid gets over her fear of Santa next year, this is the place to go for a Santa photo. No lines and you can just walk right up on Christmas Eve."

Hmmm...have to keep that in mind. How many other (non-Hispanic) kids have a donkey in their Santa photo?

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