Friday, April 11, 2008

Made in the USA

Astrid and I went shopping for a new pair of Crocs for her, as she's outgrown her old ones, and they're just really great versatile shoes. Especially if there's a lot of back and forth going from the house to the backyard, swimming, etc. For kids it makes it so much easier to slip them on and off. I turned them over and was shocked...yes see they are made in the USA. I rarely see that and never with shoes. I know there's a huge mark up on these shoes...because for kid shoes...these are pretty expensive ($27), but they're worth it because they last and they're easy to wash. Good to see there's an industry here for them and they're profitable. Go USA!

(Btw she picked out purple Crocs this time around. Her last pair were aqua.)

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