Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last month (March) Astrid's nose was running constantly. I remember this because she just started preschool and I was worried that the school faculty would think she was sick and send her home and she'd need someone there to constantly wipe her nose. At first I thought the runny nose was caused by her teething, but it's now mid April and her nose still constantly runs.

I mentioned this to U. and he noted that he thinks Astrid has allergies. It's definitely allergy season, so it's a definite possibility. Plus U. has severe allergies this time of year where he can barely breathe with his sinuses all plugged up, and his eyes get really red and swollen. He has to take daily prescription allergy medication just to function. I on the other hand have no allergies to speak of. (Thank goodness!) As in all aspects involving our child, we hope that Astrid got the better of our two gene pools. (For example - U.'s great eyesight - whereas my vision is so bad I can't read the clock on the nightstand without squinting.)

So now that I've pinpointed the possible link between Astrid's constant runny nose and allergy season - it's something we need to ask our Pediatrician about at our next check up and see what we can do about it.

When I pick Astrid up from school most times her nose is crusted over. I place a tissue in her pocket every morning and there's a box of tissues with her name on it in her classroom, because I can't expect the teachers to constantly wipe her nose every 10 minutes. But there's gotta be a better solution. I can give her some children's Benadryl, but it's medication - and I don't want to keep her drugged everyday. Does anyone have any suggestions for maybe homeopathic remedies that I can give my 3 year old daughter?


Jeannie said...

Rose, maybe you can find something of use from this link at Whole Foods:

Rose said...

Thanks Jeannie.

amanda said...

the herb, nettle, is helpful. you can find it in extract form or dried for tea.