Sunday, April 13, 2008

Countdown to Astrid's 3rd birthday

Astrid's third birthday is next week. Last year for her 2nd birthday it was just a family affair. For her 1st birthday we had a traditional Korean affair with friends and family. For this year's birthday - #3 - it's important to invite Astrid's friends (from gymnastics, preschool, dance class) and family to come celebrate.

We attended a 3 year old birthday for one of Astrid's friends not too long ago and Astrid is excited to have a birthday party of her own. If she's not behaving or she's in a grumpy mood, all you have to do is remind her about her birthday and her ears will perk up..."Birthday party? My birthday party?" And then she will get really animated and give you a run down of everyone who's coming to her party.

The place - Peekaboo Playground - Astrid's favorite indoor playground in Eagle Rock. It has an indoor bouncy house with a slide that kids (and adults love), a ball pit, trains, costumes for dressing up, puppets and a puppet theater, puzzles, an electronic kid's piano with a kid sized piano bench, and even an outdoor area with two swings and a maze and slides and play houses. Fun fun fun all around and it's much less hassle to do it there (staff helps with the setup and cleanup) and we'll leave with a "come back again for free" pass for the birthday girl.

I was surprised by all the marketing garbage out there for kid's birthday parties. I mean can't you have a kid's birthday anymore without having the theme be a TV cartoon character? A kid's birthday party should be about imagination, fun and whimsy right? So I chose a cake with a multi-colored choo-choo train and clowns on it.

In going with the circus theme I got balloons in primary colors - yellow, red, and blue, with matching table cloths, plates, napkins, cups and utensils in those same colors. I also found a really cute clown pinata that's Astrid's size. She loved it and wanted to hold it and kiss it. She kept saying, "It's so cute."

Astrid helped me make goodie bags for her friends today. "Presents for my friends?" she would ask.

The party is reserved for 2 hours (that's the allowable time) from 10 AM to 12 Noon. Since it's too early for lunch, but we still need to have some food to munch on, I'm thinking more along the lines of brunch. I'm also planning on having mimosas for the adults.

It should make for a fun Sunday morning, which I'm sure will go by so fast! It'll be the first time Astrid really understands what a birthday party is and to have her friends and family sing happy birthday to her is something special (Kodak moment). Yes, U. and I will be there with our cameras (photo and video), and Astrid's Godmother Jill who is a photographer will also be snapping photos galore. I'm looking forward to it.

Two days before I'll be bringing cupcakes to Astrid's preschool for her class to sing happy birthday to her and have a little party for her. I requested these cupcakes that are low in sugar with just a touch of frosting (the size of a Hershey's kiss), just enough to stick a smiley faced ring into. Me bringing cupcakes to my kid's school for her birthday? Now I feel like a bona fide mom.

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