Monday, April 14, 2008

I hope I didn't traumatize my daughter & cause her to have a fear of roaches

So tonight Astrid and I spot a cockroach in the bathroom. A great, big, scary one. So I'm in there, trying to kill it with a broomstick handle. I'm standing on the toilet, trying to get at it as it's climbing along the windowsill, as my daughter is standing near the doorway watching. All of a sudden the sucker flies off the windowsill. I had no idea cockroaches had wings!

At this point I'm looking for where it landed, but I can't see it. Until I look down and notice it's on me. Eeeek! I jump down off the toilet and then all of a sudden my daughter is screaming and crying saying it's on her leg.

It was the most terrifying and yet comical thing that has happened to us yet. My 3 year old daughter is terrified of this huge cockroach. I'm 34 and just as freaked out by it, but I'm just better at hiding it.

I ask Astrid where the bug went and she's so freaked out all she can do is cry. So I hold her for a bit and ask her if it crawled under the fridge. She nods and finally says yes in fact it went under the fridge. I moved the fridge this way and that way and the bug was no where to be found.

Astrid said, "Maybe it went home. To bug home."

And later after she calmed down (after lots of hugs and kisses and reassurances from mommy that it's not going to hurt her) she told me, "It have ears."

I was holding her and I just had to put down my head and laugh.

"Why you laugh in my belly mom?" asked Astrid.

"Because you're just so cute sometimes," I said.

Now let's just hope she's not traumatized by this whole episode with the cockroach.

When I find spiders I catch them and put them outside, but cockroaches are different story.

A similar thing happened with my mom:
Once a mouse got into my parents' house while my mom was at home with a friend of hers. She was terrified, and both women screamed. They soon collected themselves, and after climbing down from their chairs, her friend and her cornered the mouse in the pantry and kept spraying Raid into it's face. After going through an entire can of Raid, the mouse just stared back. Later they realized the mouse had died with its eyes open. I'm telling ya that stuff is toxic!

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