Friday, April 11, 2008

From the mouths of babes

Astrid was fascinated by all the people in the MAC store applying cosmetics. I didn't think much of it as I saw her staring. I was just happy I had some time to pick out a new lipstick while the little one was entertained by her surroundings. Until we left the store and Astrid starting talking, and showing me how people were applying makeup.

Astrid: "Why they put on their eye?"
Me: "Oh you mean mascara? They put that on their eyelashes."
Astrid: "Yeah on their eye."
(I'm thinking it must look strange from her point of view like they're putting something on their eye. This morning she quizzed me thoroughly about my eyelash curler and if it hurt. Which I assured her it didn't. Us women know it only hurts when we accidentally pinch ourselves.)
Astrid: "Why they do that?"
Me: "You mean why do they wear makeup?"
Astrid: "Yeah. Why???"
Me: "Oh I guess it's because they think it makes them look better."
Astrid pointed her little finger at me and said...
Astrid: "You too!"
I had to chuckle at that. Every morning she's watches me apply makeup in the bathroom before leaving the house. I'm guilty as charged.

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