Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Star is Born - she loves to sing, dance & act

Astrid woke up a little past midnight, and I could hear her singing "It's A Small World" from her bedroom. It's one of the songs she's practicing at school for her next recital. It's was the sweetest thing to hear her singing, but what in the world was she doing singing at midnight?

After she was done singing she came into the room to find me and started performing in front of the closet mirror.

This reminded me how I need to record on my blog how much she loves to sing and dance and perform. She picks up songs quickly. And she's always doing commercials and skits in front of the mirror. For example: "This is how you brush your teeth." She acts out the entire scene in the bathroom mirror like she's acting in front of a camera. And she's always singing one song or another.

I've been singing to her since she was a newborn - and she picked up as soon as she was able to hum or sing along. Now she tells me not to sing, that she'll sing for me. She has no stage fright. She just loves performing on stage.

I mentioned in a previous post how much she loves her school recital and we recently enrolled her in a musical theatre class. They sing and dance and practice for a big performance on stage with costumes, typically a musical (like Annie). The class is called "Pop Star" which sounds awful, but after reading the description I knew it would be something that Astrid would really enjoy.

Prior to the class "tryouts" I told her not to be shy (which she can be initially when she's confronted with a strange, new environment) and to sing out loud and dance just like she does at home. I needn't have worried because she did just fine and followed along with the other students. And she loved it of course and is looking forward to next week's class.

She's one of the youngest ones in her class so it'll be interesting to see what part she gets in the musical. Regardless it'll be so much fun to watch!


Peter said...

This is so great that she is into performing ... I am a bit envious .. as Julius is rather shy on that part ...

Looking forward to many years of blog fun with videos of Astrid performing ... and one never knows .. maybe she actually becomes and actress, singer, performer!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to her !!!

jill davis said...

so cool...she's one of a kind! she's going to grow up to be something even more special than she already is! you guys are doing a great job with her. hope bill and i can do half as well with maddox!

Anonymous said...

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