Thursday, April 30, 2009

Discovered a new use for my Snuggie

Oh yes I did. I purchased a Snuggie. And I love being curled up in its soft, warm, goodness on chilly evenings.

Tonight Astrid was having a hard time falling asleep. So I had an idea.

Me: "Astrid? Do you want to sleep with mommy's favorite blanket?"
Astrid: "Oh yeah."
Me: "Okay but you have to close your eyes and go to sleep okay?"
Astrid: "Okay mommy!"
Me: "Here's mommy's favorite blanket. It's called a Snuggie and it's really soft and will keep you warm and safe so you can go to sleep okay?"
Astrid: "Oh it's so soft. Thank you mommy"

Five minutes later she was asleep. Thank you whoever invented the Snuggie!

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