Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Astrid (actual birthday)

Today is Astrid's actual birthday. It was also our last morning staying at our Palm Springs vacation home that we were renting for the Coachella weekend. U. got up early as usual and took the kids with him for morning coffee. He let all 3 kids (Astrid and our nanny's 2 kids - Claire and Noah) pick whatever they wanted. And back at the house we all sang happy birthday to Astrid who is 4 today.
Astrid sitting in front of her birthday muffin with a lit #4 candle.
Sweet little angel wearing her favorite rainbow shirt.Looking at mama (me). You can see my reflection in the sliding glass doors.Taking a deep breath.Blew out her candle and her wish comes true.

U., me and Astrid. We are family.
Enjoying eating and chatting with the kids.
Using her butter knife upside down to cut with the dull side. She wouldn't let anyone tell her otherwise and since it was her birthday no one argued with her.

We drove back home that morning and it was a scorcher. I took Astrid with me to pick up some party supplies and she got an ice cream. The deal was she had to wear her hat. I'm always concerned about the sun and protecting her skin.
The birthday girl enjoying her sherbet ice cream.
For dinner we asked Astrid where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner and she chose "The Coffee Table" her favorite restaurant in Eagle Rock. She always gets a lemonade and either a grilled cheese sandwich or a cheese quesadilla from the kid's menu. Today she got a special cupcake to blow out her candle after Mama and Papa sang happy birthday to her.
Four candles to blow out this time.It's her special day and it's not over yet with her upcoming birthday bash with her friends at an indoor playground.
Astrid painting on her easel that she got as a birthday present.The artist on her birthday. She turned to her father and I and announced, "I'm an artist!"
The sun is starting to set.
Astrid sitting on her Papa's lap, winding down after a long day.
Happy birthday sweetheart.

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