Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Opening" - Vocabulary & preschool

While putting Astrid to bed tonight we were talking about looking for another preschool for her. Her class has grown from around 15 kids to over 35. They've added teachers, but it's just too many kids for a small school. More kids equals more noise, more aggression, and less individual attention.

I've been hearing "I don't want to go to school" from Astrid lately which has concerned me. And tonight it was, "I don't like Pasadena Montessori School." Yes, she loves to say all three words that make up her school's name. Very sad for a preschool kid to already dread going to school. So tonight I made up my mind to start looking.

Although her preschool is right across the street from my office and is so convenient, I'll drive a ways to make sure she's thriving and happy in a better environment.

So we were talking about that tonight at bedtime, and she smiled and asked if she would be going to a new school tomorrow. I told her it would take some time to look at different schools, to meet the teachers, and to find a school with an opening for her.

To which she responded, "Opening? Like opening speech?"

She's 4 and talking about open speeches. What a character.

Now let's hope I can find a school mid year with an opening for her and her opening speeches.

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