Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Pic with NO Santa #2

I took Astrid to get her photo taken with Santa today. Unfortunately the fear of Santa is STILL in full force, so we ended up taking Christmas photos of Astrid WITHOUT Santa this year. That's two years in a row with Santa pics, missing a Santa. So this is her alone, sitting on the arm rest of Santa's chair, holding a candy cane.

Last year she was terrified of Santa, and all year we've been talking about how Santa isn't scary, over and over again. This year I thought for sure she had gotten over her fear of Santa, since she's told me many times, "I'm not scared of Santa Claus now. Santa Claus is nice. He says Ho Ho Ho and gives presents to children." I knew she was apprehensive about Santa Claus, but I thought that was a big development over last year's terror.

Today I was pondering taking her after the gym, but she was adamant about NOT wanting to get her picture taken with Santa Claus. I knew she needed a nap and she took a long one. Now in good spirits I thought "here's my chance." No mention of Santa Claus. I got her dressed in her pretty Christmas dress and sweater with her tights (she LOVES wearing tights) and patent leather black dress shoes. She likes dressing up so that was easy maneuvering. The hair was another story, but with a bit of cajoling, I was able to put a pretty red flower in her hair that matches her dress to a T. I told her we were going somewhere with a lot of kids and she was looking forward to it. Then I heard U. talking to Astrid about going with me to get her picture taken with Santa Claus. I about blew a gasket.

This was definitely a COVERT OPERATION. Not so much because he told her where we were going, but because now I knew I'd have to suffer through all the whining and tears, and pure DRAMA getting her there. And us moms know there's nothing worse than an unhappy camper sitting behind us in the car while we're driving.

So we get there and Astrid doesn't see Santa so she's really happy and announces, "There's no Santa Claus." But I could see the back of the Christmas photo shoot display and knew Santa was on the other side. As I'm talking to the photo development lady, Astrid is cool as a cucumber, by my side. Then as we walk around the counter and her eyes meet that big red suit and that beard she screamed out and literally ran away right out into the middle of the mall. I got her to come back by holding her and kept edging us closer by looking at the ornaments on the Christmas tree, etc. But once she was near Santa, she did not want to look at him and just buried her face in my shoulder.

I asked the photographer if it would be possible if Santa could leave for a bit so we could get a photo taken without him and her reply made me laugh, "We've done it before..."

U. asked me, "What's that big red thing?" That's Santa's chair. They had me sit Astrid up on the armrest to get a photo with her and the Christmas tree and presents.

The entire time Astrid was looking around for Santa, scared to death he'd come back. I told her he left and went to get something to eat, so she wouldn't be scared. I got her to smile briefly by pretending to cry. Boy what a mother will do to get her 3 1/2 year old to smile.

On the drive home Astrid wanted to talk about Santa Claus:
"Why he have hair on his face?"
When I explained that it's a beard and men grow hair on their faces, but Papa shaves it off every morning, she correctly deduced, "Girls don't grow hair on their face."
And then back to Santa she said, "I know he's coming to town. But I don't want him to come NOW."

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