Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008 with Astrid's kid camera

I sprung for a deluxe kid camera for Astrid this Christmas.

She previously had a camera, and it was fun to see the world through her eyes, but the quality of the photos was so bad and it only held a dozen photos before getting full, so Astrid was constantly deleting. We also lost the USB cable for it, so I wasn't able to download any of the cute photos she took. (Some of her foot, her view from the backseat, Papa working on his computer, mama putting on her mascara.)

So here are some we took with her new camera today. The camera takes higher resolution photos, can hold up to 200 pics, has a built in flash and is kid proof (both water, and crash proof), and now I've got a USB camera to download them, to document her photography.
Fur up close.

Our pooch. Not bad for a kid camera.Astrid putting a sticker on Papa's shoulder.Giving Papa a great big hug & kiss.Astrid's photo of her Papa at the dinner table.Astrid's photo of our Christmas tree.Astrid's pic of Mama.Astrid showcasing her pink tights she received as a present from her nanny Maria - as a necktie.Astrid listening to her Clifford storybook CD while following along in her book. She loves repetition so this is perfect. She listens to this again and again and again.


Amy said...

We got Baylee a kids' digital camera this year. I can't wait to see what she does with it.

digital cameras for kids said...

what a nice idea for a blog. its better than a photo album.

you didn't mention the brand of camera, if i may make a suggestion the vtech kidizoom is a hit with kids and parents alike.