Monday, June 16, 2008

Our bedtime routine

It used to be that a bath before bed was mandatory - now it's optional - as Astrid will take a bath with me in the morning before going to school (and work for me). But of course when she's exceptionally filthy after a day of playing on the playground, it's no longer an option. Sand on the scalp and in the bed does not a happy mom or slumbering child make.

And now that she's got a big girl bed - with a ladder and all - she wants me to climb up there with her and tell her stories about when she was a baby. Forget the books - she wants to hear about when she was born over and over again.

I've also changed up the songs a little bit. Just introducing new ones (wracking my brain to think of lyrics I know - tonight it was "A few of my favorite things" from the movie Sound of Music, and "Star Spangled Banner" and "She'll be coming around the mountain." Random I know but Astrid's face will light up when I sing new songs - and when there's a repeating chorus she will try to sing along.

She's finally gotten used to sleeping in the opposite direction as she was used to in her crib. Now her head faces the window, and she's gotten into the habit of crawling up there and putting her head down on the pillow. This is to ensure that she's safe when she's sleeping by the bed rails (and canopy), vs. sleeping on the other end and possibly falling out of the opening that leads to the ladder. That would not be pretty.

After "talking for a little bit" which involves talking about our day and what she's going to do tomorrow, etc. and the singing (and sometimes foot rubs), she will settle down to sleep. A new development - is that she will ask me, "Mama, you coming back later?" She wants me to come back and check on her later. This involves her agreeing to fall asleep, which she does without protest, and then when I come back later she's sound of asleep and doesn't even realize I'm there. But I guess it's just knowing that I'm not "leaving" for the night - but actually coming back that reassures her to fall asleep (vs. begging me to not leave).

She continues to be a good sleeper. Now that she's no longer in a crib, she can get out whenever she wants. U. is amazed that she stays in her bed after we leave. And in the mornings she'll come right into our room and lay down next to me and sleep for a little bit until we both get up to get ready for the day.

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