Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mommy's little helper

One of the great things about having a 3 year old is they always want to help. And it's just up to us parents to find things that they can do to help - without making more of a mess. Today I found the perfect project.

Astrid got new bedroom furniture, and we needed to move all her clothes from the old drawers to the new armoire. U. had moved the old drawers into the hallway, and while he was away, I really wanted to get this done and everything organized and moved back into Astrid's room. So Astrid was the runner and kept bringing clothes to me, and I'd put them away. We got the entire thing done in about an hour. She was such a great help.

Other things she does to help mommy
1) helps me bring in the groceries (even if that's just carrying the loaf of bread)
2) bringing her bowl of cereal and cup back to me in the kitchen after she's done so I can put them in the sink
3) throwing things away for me in the trash or in the recycling bin
4) tidying up (she puts all her toys and books away now - and cleans up the family room when asked)
5) putting her used clothes in the laundry hamper

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