Thursday, June 12, 2008

Astrid's 1st school performance

Tonight was Astrid's Spring Performance at her preschool. For months they've had the kids practicing singing and performing songs. This past weekend she gave U. and I a performance after dinner that involved her singing "Brother John" - "Are you sleeping" with palms pressed together at her cheek with her head tilted...."Brother John!" while pointing at what I assumed was Brother John..."Morning bells are ringing!" with her little fists clenched ringing those imaginary bells. Too cute. Our next door neighbor had some guests over and they were outside bbqing as well and must have heard her because they gave her a round of applause. Today I got to see the real thing and boy was I surprised.

First off because not only had Astrid learned the 2 songs her class performed, but she had memorized all the songs from the other classes as well. She's been singing them around the house and in the car, and I didn't think much of it until I saw the program and saw all the song titles listed for each performance by the each class. I know that song and that song and that song...I thought to myself....oh my gosh she could do a one woman show if needed.

Second because typically she's very shy around strangers. But here she was in front of a packed auditorium and she was the most confident, animated, loudest, and most entertaining kid in her class. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. The audience absolutely loved her.

Third because although she wasn't at her school today (her preschool closed at noon today due to the Spring performance and I wasn't able to take a half day due to a client appointment, so she went to a sister preschool) and didn't get an opportunity to practice with her classmates - she was the best performer in terms of singing the songs (remembering the words to the songs), singing loudly, remembering the choreography, and also after the first song she was the only kid who remembered to bow. (After the second song 2 other kids in addition to Astrid bowed.)

Since her class was singing "Brother John" (which I guess could be interpreted as "Farmer John") the required costume was long overalls with a blue plaid or striped short sleeved shirt. I also put a big orange flower in her hair not only because it made her look extra cute, but I thought if I had to sit far away I'd be able to spot her easily. I needn't have worried. I got there an hour early - and could have sat in the 1st row if the first 3 rows weren't reserved for the graduating Kindergartners - so I sat in the middle of the 4th row in perfect view of the stage.

The second song her class sang was "The More We're Together". Towards the middle of the song Astrid starting calling out, "Mama!? Mama!?" So I put up my hand and started waving to her. At that point she spotted me in the crowd and she had the sweetest reaction - she smiled and laughed and started jumping up and down with joy and put her hands to her face and was a super excited 3 year old now that she knew where mommy was and she sang with even more fervor and excitement - that the whole audience was charmed by it.

U. had to fly to Germany to attend his father's funeral and he was so disappointed that he wasn't able to see his little girl perform on stage for the first time. So I brought our video camera and have it all recorded for him - which we'll watch together on Sunday as a family. (I've already watched it twice on tape.)

It was entertaining to watch and also such a treat to see my daughter up there on stage shining bright and holding her own.

Afterward Astrid asked me, "Mama? Why you sit in the chair?" Obviously she didn't get the concept of why she was on stage and I wasn't up there with her. So I had to explain to her that I was in the audience so I could watch her like all of the other parents.

Since U. was away he wanted me to tell Astrid how proud we were of her for him. And at bedtime tonight I heard her tell her doll, "I so proud of you baby."

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