Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chinese New Year arts & crafts at the Cypress Park Branch Library

Astrid and I participated in the Cypress Park Branch - Los Angeles Library arts and crafts class today in celebration of Chinese New Year.First they read a children's book about Chinese New Year.
Then it was time for arts and crafts.

Astrid's not old enough to use scissors yet (that skill set is pretty difficult to master), so I had her use glue to stick on pieces of colored tissue paper as I made a Chinese paper lantern out of cardboard toilet paper rolls, some gold leaf paper, and construction paper.Having fun drawing with markers.
You can see my finished lantern that I made for Astrid, decorated with purple glitter glue.
Afterwards, each child was given a Chinese yoyo.

Arts & crafts are always fun, and it's great that our local library does nice things like this for the community.

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