Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Astrid's 1st day of school (preschool)

Today was Astrid's first day at school.

Here she is holding her lunch bag.

It was a cold, rainy day, so I dressed her in a warm jacket with lots of layers underneath.We've been preparing for this day for awhile now. I found a preschool for Astrid that's a mile from my office. It gives me peace of mind knowing she's close and I can be there within minutes if necessary. It also makes the drop off and pick up much more convenient.

Originally I thought I would be able to stop by and take her to lunch once in awhile, but the Director pointed out that it makes it harder for the children to adjust and most kids will just cry when their parent leaves to go back to work.This school has 5 classrooms divided by age, which includes a separate classroom and playground for the older/bigger kids in Kindergarten. Astrid is in the intermediate class with the 3 year olds.Playing with puzzles.Astrid's teacher was out sick today, so I wasn't able to meet her, and the classes were combined as the school was dealing with the teacher's absence.Astrid made friends with this nice little girl named Ronni.Astrid prefers older kids (than kids her age), and older kids are also drawn to her because she's tall for her age and looks older.Circle time.Counting numbers as one kid picks his nose.The plan is to get Astrid acclimated to preschool little by little before I go back to work full time on March 1st. So today she was there until lunch time. U. and I thought it was an important bonding experience to break bread with the other children at the school. Gradually I will leave Astrid at school for longer periods of time so that she can experience nap time, recess after nap, and the after school program.

More pics of the school grounds below:A 3 seat teeter totter.Grass area, and playground with wood chips on the ground.Tricycle tarmack.A playhouse with a tree stump inside and tricycles, bikes, and cars.In the mornings and for recess the kids zoom around these 2 trees in their bikes and vehicles. It's adorable.

Pasadena Progressive Montessori School

615 S. Catalina Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91106

They have a piano in the classroom, and an in house music teacher who teaches music to the children, and who brings various instruments for the children to play with. I will also be enrolling Astrid in the gymnastics class which is taught by an outside instructor who comes to the school on a weekly basis.

They also have an annual concert recital which will be fun to watch.

Boy how time flies. My baby is already going to school. I stayed with her for a couple hours and then hugged her and reassured her I'd be back to pick her up after lunch time. She was hesitant to let me go but after giving me 10 kisses (which is highly unusual for her), she nodded to let me know it was okay for me to leave and she'd be okay. I got a little teary eyed when I left. It helped when I called U. to let him know how it went. Somehow while talking the lump in the throat went away. And when I was back to pick her up (I got there during lunch rather than after) Astrid was happy to see me and I was thrilled she had made it through her first half day at school on her own without any tears.

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