Saturday, February 09, 2008

Astrid's 1st dance class

This morning was Astrid's first "Into to Dance" class. The first 30 minutes is ballet, and the last 15 minutes is tap dancing. I had wanted to sign Astrid up for dance class for some time now, but every studio and dance class only accepts kids 3 and over. With her turning 3 in two months, she's just now eligible. What a cutie she is in her pink leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers.

She was so excited about dance class, that when I got up this morning, she had already laid out her outfit and shoes on her bedroom rug, ready for mom to put them on her. Amazing how she remembered all the separate pieces, as I purchased them a week ago and quickly put them away. When I told U. about it he commented, "Organized just like her mother." =) It was hard to get a clear shot with all the jumping around in excitement (on Astrid's part - not mine).

Each class is color coordinated. The youngest class (Astrid's) is all pink. I saw another class dressed entirely in blue.

In addition to the dress code, they're also strict about the girls having their hair up in a bun, and no skirts. Astrid's hair is too layered to pull back into a single bun, (and I didn't want to use hairspray - she's too young for that), so I just hoped the double bun would be okay. But I still got yelled at (or rather chastised) by the owner for not tucking the strings of her ballet shoes in. I took ballet classes as an adult, but we never had those drawstrings so I just thought you tied them into a bow.Getting up early on a Saturday morning to get to dance class by 9 AM was well worth it. I'm preferential of course but I thought Astrid was the cutest girl there and I had a smile on my face the entire time watching her.Adorable!

This was a substitute teacher. Her regular dance instructor will be back next week.

One thing that's not ideal: there's only a small window high up to watch the girls, so you have to stand the entire time in a narrow hallway, crowded by other parents, to watch them. And the window is covered with some film, which makes taking photographs nearly impossible. (I think it's there so the dancers aren't distracted.) So I had to take these photos through a small hole where the flim was pulled off. Not ideal like I said, but still a lot of fun to watch and Astrid loved it.After 30 minutes they let the girls out to change into their tap shoes. Or more precisely, for their mother's to change them into their tap shoes.When class is over the girls line up and curtsy when it's their turn and say "thank you" like perfect ballerinas.

Astrid cried when class was over exclaiming, "More dance class mom!" When I explained that class was over she asked, "Why?!" She just didn't want it to be over. It was new and exciting, and fun. I'm glad that I was so determined to get her enrolled in a dance class now, rather than waiting until she turned 3. She's ready now and already asking me about when she can go back to dance class (because like she tells me "I have to bance mom.")

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Amy said...

I absolutely love the picture of all the little ballerinas stretched out on their tummies. Too cute!