Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Astrid's 1st curse word

The word was "a*shole." I have to note here as a "not proud but worthy of comment" post since it was her first spoken curse word.

Today while Astrid and I were standing in the parking lot next to our car, another driver honked his car horn a few times nearby at someone else and it was really loud and annoying. Astrid blurted out something that definitely sounded like a curse word. So just to make sure I heard right, I asked her, "What did you say?" To which she repeated softly (and just barely audible but clear as a whistle), "A*shole."

Of course I told her to never use that word again and it's not a nice word. But of course she will (hopefully when she's a lot older and not directed at us or anyone we know)! She just smiled at me, knowing it was a naughty word, and said, "Okay Mommy" promising me she wouldn't use that word again.

U. and I try our best not to use profanity, especially around Astrid because she's like a sponge and picks up on EVERYTHING. Especially if there's any indication that it's a "strong" word with a lot of feeling behind associated with it. Like "Jesus" or "Jesus Christ" which she has said on occasion before. But that's taking the Lord's name in vain and not a curse word right? Same thing, different category. *Ahem* wonder where she got that from?

Normally she's such a polite, respectful, well mannered girl - so to hear a curse word come out of those sweet bow tie lips of hers was quite shocking. Although I appeared outraged on the exterior, on the inside I was cracking up. (Funny at 2 but as a parent you can't show it!)

When I shared what happened with U. we both started questioning where she learned the word from. He swears that he only uses *A-hole* while driving (if that's any consolation), and so she couldn't have picked it up from him. *shrug* Who knows? She could have just as easily picked it up from me. No use in finger pointing. Just have to nip it in the bud and be extra careful not to use words we don't want her repeating. Or come up with alternatives like "fudge" and such. Oh the censorship starts so soon!

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