Saturday, February 28, 2009

1st time that Astrid asks Papa to put her to bed

So it finally happened. After 3 years, 10 months, one week and 2 days, tonight Astrid asked her Papa to put her to bed.

If you know anything about my daughter Astrid, you know she is very attached to me - her mama. Before today, I am the only one she preferred to do the bedtime routine with when she goes to bed. In the past whenever it was my night out and I came home a bit early - while U. was getting her ready for bed - forgetaboutit - Astrid would want mama.

But not today.

In the morning I joined U. and Astrid for coffee and bread at a local coffee place. We had to take separate cars as U. had errands to run and I had my Yoga class afterwards. And for the first time Astrid wanted to ride in the car with her dad. Very unusual as she always wants to ride in the car with me and gawd knows we've experienced those days when she had to go with her dad and reacted with tears and pleading for "mama mama" over and over again. But today, she rode in the car with dad, with me following. U. was pointing out that I was following just in case she changed her mind on the car drive. Once we parked our cars, Astrid immediately ran over to me and held my hand.

And tonight - she asked that Papa put her to bed. No more tears that Papa was going to brush her teeth before I put her to bed. This time she WANTED Papa to do the bedtime routine with her and put her to bed instead of me.

No hard feelings, as I was happy to get a break and just wash the dishes as U. put Astrid to bed. I've been putting her to bed for almost 4 years and it's about time I don't have to be the sole bedtime administrator.

But it is a little sad in that it's an indication she's growing up. She's so much more affectionate now than ever before and she just loves her Papa.

With U. it's one book and then sleep. He was prepared for her to shout that she wanted mama - but nope - she quickly fell asleep after one book - with no cries for mama.

As U. likes to say, "This is a great age! I'm really enjoying it."

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