Monday, February 09, 2009

1st parent/teacher conference at preschool

For 2 weeks, the preschool has been meeting with parents to discuss their children's development and how they're doing in school. This was the 1st parent teacher conference I've attended as a parent. U. also attended to hear what the teacher had to say about Astrid. Our appointment was at 7:30 this morning, and I just wanted to write a brief post about it.

The preschool director/teacher says Astrid at 3 years old is well rounded, advanced for her age, and doing well in school. She said Astrid's excited to learn, and really interested in what the older kids are doing/learning. So to keep her motivated and foster her interest in learning, the teacher includes her in some of the activities with the older kids - like oral presentations. She is starting to read and write, knows all of the continents, is doing well in math, and loves art & music. She's improved a lot in just the last few months especially with reading and writing. She gets along with all of the kids & is very social. She also helps the teachers and listens very well.

She's starting to read basic primary books, which the teacher will give us copies of, so we can practice at home with Astrid.

In summary she told us that she can tell we've been working with Astrid at home, (especially when they just start learning a lesson and Astrid already knows it). She said that Astrid is very bright and even though she is very young, she is more advanced in some areas than other children her age. And she ended by saying Astrid is a joy to have at the school.

Music to my ears.


Jeannie said...

And, I think she will continue to amaze you as she grows. Little Astrid--reading and writing--it just blows my mind away to think of it. You and your hubby should be proud of yourselves Rose--what a good job you are doing with her and she's so eager to learn! I feel like the proud 'Grandma' hearing your news!!

Rose said...

Thanks Jeannie. You are Astrid's honorary Grandma. Didn't ya know?

Melissa said...

I have been reading your blog forever (I had googled a question about my son, who was born on the same day, and up popped your blog)!
Anyway, just wondering where you purchased the books on CD. I can't find them anywhere!
p.s - your daughter is MUCH more advanced with reading and writing, my son is just starting to write J for Justin!
Thanks a bunch,
Melissa B.

Rose said...

Hi Melissa,
It's great to hear that you've been following my blog for a long time. Thanks for leaving a message.

I got the storybooks with CD's at a learning store. They're not just for teachers - there's lots of great learning materials in there for kids of all ages.

I'm sure they're probably available through as well.