Saturday, January 24, 2009

Philanthrophy starts at a young age

Today at the nail salon, Astrid was rattling off questions to her favorite nail salon lady (who just adores her and loves it when I bring her in)...questions included: "Do you have a brother?" "Do you have a sister?" "Do you have a mom?" "Do you have a bed?"

All of these questions were met with a smile and "Yes". Until Astrid asked, "Do you have a car?" To which the lady responded, "No."

Astrid turned to me with concern on her face and said, "Mom...she doesn't have a car. Can you give her a car?"

Oh baby, bless your kind little heart. Empathy is a great thing and I hope you never stop caring for others.

That turned into a conversation about how not everyone owns a car. Some people take the bus, or get a ride from someone else. The fact that someone would not have a car while everyone she knows has one, was quite shocking to Astrid and difficult for her 3 1/2 year old mind to wrap around. She didn't want this woman to be without.

In a related vein - money is a foreign concept to her. Everyone should have it and give it away.

Later on at the grocery store, Astrid asked me where the man was. A couple weeks ago there was a man playing a guitar outside the store and Astrid wanted to give him money. So I gave her a dollar that she placed into his guitar case.

When I was a kid and I heard my mom talking about money and I told her, "Just go to the bank - those people are so nice they always give you money." My mom thought that was the cutest, funniest thing a kid ever said.

I feel a bit that way with my own daughter. I want to preserve her innocence but do want to show her that there are those less fortunate and show her how she can help. I'm thinking we may need to start volunteering for a good cause.

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Jeannie said...

What a big heart for such a little girl. :) She's learning empathy and kindness at the knees of her Mama and Papa. {hugs}