Saturday, January 31, 2009

Children's books on CD

These books that I purchased for Astrid that come with an accompanying CD, are worth their weight in gold. Astrid loves them, and they keep her imagination going as she follows along in the illustrated book, listening to the well told stories, the music, and waiting for the signal to turn the pages. She's listening to "The Gingerbread Boy" now, and just finished listening to "The Three Little Pigs." They keep her entertained and I much prefer her to be reading, than watching TV.

I used to have the same when I was a kid, with books and tapes, and prior to tapes I had records. And I used to love listening to those stories. Fairy tales were so much fun (and sometimes scary) to listen to and in my mind I was creating what the story looked like from beginning to end. In Star Wars, there was one scene where they go to an intergalactic bar and there were creatures of all kinds there. I was fascinated by this scene and wished I could be there to take part in the festivities. And there were the songs that I listened to over and over again.

These books & CD's cost about $10 a pop at the learning store, so they're not cheap - but if she enjoys listening to them many times, they're well worth it. The stories never get old, and kids love repetition.

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Anonymous said...

Is this something like the Story Reader's? We got each of the grandkids one for Christmas with extra cartridges for other stories and they seem to really like them. They aren't CD's though...You can also get a backpack and the accessories to use it in the car--with headphones! ha ha