Saturday, March 08, 2008

Proof my kid is funny (a comedian in the making?)

Astrid has always taken great pleasure in making me laugh. And when she makes Papa laugh the whole house is filled with laughter.

After dinner tonight as I was strapping Astrid into her car seat we had this little back and forth

Astrid: "Mama take bath with me?"
Me: "No, I don't think so. Not tonight honey."
(Recently I have been taking a bath with her in the evening and then another one in the morning before work, but I'm trying to limit myself to just one bath in the morning so my skin doesn't get super dry.)
Astrid: "Why?"
Me: "Well, because I'm not dirty. I didn't run and play on the playground like you did."
Astrid: "You not dirty?"
Me: "No, I'm not dirty."
Astrid: "You butt not dirty?"
Me: (Pause) "No, my butt's not dirty." (laughter)
(I had to really think about it. She's right - you only get that shower fresh and clean feeling after a bath. Haha.)
Astrid: "Gotcha!"
(We both started cracking up, and I ended up bathing with her.)

In the bathtub

Astrid was using her toy trumpet as a phone. I tried to say something to her, when she put her finger up to her mouth and said - "Shhhhh. Just a second. I talking on phone. Don't cry." - and went back to talking on the phone (er trumpet), shooting me sideways glances until she couldn't hold it in any longer and started laughing out loud.

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