Saturday, March 08, 2008


What is up with all the licking? I've heard of kids doing that, but never thought my kid actually would. But now here she is licking everything (my leg, my arm, bathtub, furniture, the carpet). It is so gross and I keep telling her to stop, but it seems like she just can't help herself.

Please someone tell me this is a short phase which she'll grow out of soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rose...I wanted to leave a comment because I recently found your blog and really enjoy reading it. Astrid is such a doll! I have a son who will turn 3 in June and we recently had twins, a boy and a girl. You have a great journal here to reflect back on. I would guess that Astrid will really enjoy reading it when/if she decides to have a baby someday...if that is your intention! Take care!