Sunday, March 16, 2008

Astrid washing the dishes

On the nights our babysitter Jill comes over, I usually have some sort of fun activity for them to do together, that will interest/excite Astrid, to keep her engaged (and to keep her from crying when U. and I are leaving). Activities include: baking cookies, baking scones, making a pizza, beading a necklace and bracelet, arts & crafts, drawing on large pieces of poster board, colored sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books, etc.

But tonight none of those things interested her. But guess what did?

Washing the dishes. I went downstairs and saw her standing on a chair pushed up to the kitchen sink and she had on my orange dish washing gloves, and she was scrubbing away. Our babysitter Jill was supervising (and we were both cracking up). It was really cute and funny to see Astrid so into it. She didn't even mind when it was time for me to leave. She barely showed interest and just said, "Okay bye mom."

Kids. *shrug*

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