Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day 2007!

We spent Mother's Day in St. Louis, Missouri this year. Here we are taking a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown St. Louis, and down by the Mississippi River, as a pre-mother's day present. (Our guide took the photo with Uwe's Black Jack.)

Astrid was so cute. She knows what a horse is (from her books and the horses at Griffith Park), and she was pointing it out to all of the people we passed, telling them that the animal that was pulling our carriage - as if they didn't already know - was - a horse!

When our ride was over, they let Astrid pet the horse. At first she was afraid, but after touching his warm and soft nose, she couldn't get enough.

This is the 9th state that Astrid has visited. (California, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, New York, Florida, Arizona, and Missouri.)

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