Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Being a stay at home mom again

Friday, May 11th was my last day in the office. I gave 4 weeks advance notice and left on very good terms. One of my coworkers arranged a farewell party for me at Damon's, a local tiki bar in Glendale. (Their Chi-Chi's are my favorite.)

The next morning I was on a plane to St. Louis. This was a blessing in disguise, because I didn't stay out too late celebrating & saying my good-byes, and woke up with no hangover. (Unlike my mentor's farewell party earlier in the year.)

There were a number of factors that influenced my decision including Uwe's career, our family situation, my work, and Astrid. I'm also much more confident in my abilities; both at home and in the corporate world. I know I'm a good mother and career woman, and I can handle both roles. In the end, all signs were pointing in that direction (to resign and focus on my family) and although it was a tough decision to make, it was the right thing to do.

Astrid will be going to preschool in another year and this is the perfect window of opportunity to spend more time with her everyday. She's growing up so fast and although I love working, work will always be there, but Astrid won't be 2 forever. Before you know it she'll be influenced by her teachers and friends at school (and then will come the teens when she won't want to spend the day with me) and although I'll always be mom - it won't be the same. I cherish this time that I have with Astrid and know that I'm very fortunate to have the option to stay home and hang up my suits for awhile.

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Amy said...

Good for you, Rose. Must say I felt a twinge of envy reading that. While I could walk away today to stay home with mine (because one can always go back to teaching and Chris's job is enough for us), I'm in a unique position because my principal is retiring soon and I'm in line for that. So if I walk away, I'd not have that opportunity when I wanted to go back. Working this year was not NEARLY as bad as I thought, and I'm home for summer for 2 months, but I'm really already dreading going back in July--not because of the job, which I love, but because of missing the kids.