Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fun at the laundromat

Our clothes dryer is kaput. It still works but it's been staining and making holes in our clothes. We tried using a clothes bag when drying her clothes which helps, but then everything comes out all wrinkled. It would be easier to replace if it wasn't attached to our washer (which still works just fine). So we'll have to buy a whole new washer/dryer set. In the meantime, I've been going to the laundromat with Astrid and doing our wash there. She loves to sit on top of the washers to watch what I'm doing.
Normally she's very good, but here she's throwing a tantrum. She got bored pushing the cart around.
So I had her help me put the washed clothes in the dryer.
You never saw someone so happy to work.
Arbeit macht frei.
Whew - need to wipe the perspiration from my forehead.

Actually, this baby wash cloth was the last piece to go into the dryer.

She's wearing a jacket because we went in the morning when it was still chilly.All and all she did a great job. Occasionally I'd have to help her with the bigger items that would get tangled, like the towels, and I'd have to push the clothes back further in the dryer because she could only reach the front, but she kept at it and was only too happy to help. She was so proud of herself, it was great to see (plus no more tantrums!).Her treat for being a good girl and helping mama, is a bottle of water from the liquor store next door. I get the water bottles with the sports drink tops that make it "almost" spill proof.Watching the clothes go round and round.She loves these water bottles. I also make it a point that we can't open and drink it until we've paid for it. I've had cashiers tell me, "It's okay" and try to give it back to her before we've paid, and I always say, "No, she needs to learn." So we pick out a bottle together, she waits patiently while I pay for it, and then she gets to have it. I have to chuckle at myself about what a mom I've become.Enjoying her water after a hard day's work.Pushing her water bottle around in her cart.

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